Working on second coloring book!

As I worked on my first coloring book, I had so many ideas and so many ways I wanted to accomplish those ideas, that a second book just has to be made. I want this volume to be grayscale images. Not the photos changed to black and white, faded and then offered as coloring pages, but original drawings. Some will be a hybrid mix of grayscale and line drawings. Doing a monochrome underpainting is how I begin all my full color paintings in a technique known as Grisaille – (Pronounced: griz-zai), so this new volume will offer the colorist the chance to expand their coloring skills and techniques by using the method perfected by the old masters. I do not have a timeline for when this book will be completed. It will take longer to perfect each image as an underpainting.

Sneak peak of WIP (work in progress) for new coloring pages


Waiting not so patiently for the first proofs of my first coloring book on Amazon. With major storms in the forecast, delivery could certainly be delayed. Stay tuned!